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Creating websites was a lot simpler back in 1995. Most connections were dialup, so very few graphics were used. Almost every computer had a “VGA” monitor that was only capable of 640 x 480 display resolution. Everything that would display on the screen would easily print on the printer. The only real problem was the lack of web development software, nothing was written yet so web pages had to be created using raw text editors, like notepad. Web developers had to have a complete understanding of the HTML command structures.

Today’s computers literally come in all shapes and sizes. You can get desktops, laptops, and even hand held computers. Screen resolutions vary from cell phones to wide screen high definition televisions used as monitors. Connection speeds have gone from modem baud rates to cable mega bits.

Numerous website design programs have been written to take advantage of all these technological improvements. Designers can now visually drag and drop elements onto their web pages. They no longer have to understand the coding that is required to place something on the screen where they want it. Website can be create in less time because dragging and dropping is a lot faster than writing all the complex code necessary to accomplish the same thing.

Web designers now have good tools for creating web pages fast. Unfortunately, they do not have fast tools for creating good pages. Because of the way these tools work, many web pages have become static displays, created for viewing at the resolution of the designer’s system. A visitor to a website with a lower resolutions display will have to scroll sideways to read the pages, and there is now an epidemic of non-printable pages on the web.

Early History - Timeline - Changes - Statistics - Page Width

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