Design - Plan - Create - Check - Submit - Position - Promote

Design Your Own Web Site

You can create a better web site for less money than a professional web site designer can! Think about it. You know your business plan better than a web site designer and you know your marketing plan better than a web site designer, so why would your want a web site designer to advertise and promote your business.

Designing your own web site doesn't mean learning HTML. Just use whatever word processor that you feel comfortable with, follow the design steps outlined below, and then let a web site designer convert your concepts and designs into the proper Internet languages.

All too often business owners can't wait to get on line. They are not willing to take the time necessary to properly publish their web site. Many designers will take advantage of this situation by claiming that they can handle the entire process for them. Just remember what we have already discussed on this page. How many web site designers understand your business well enough to advertise and promote what you do? The answer is obvious; you have to do a lot of the work yourself. You may need to hire a designer to convert your ideas into HTML and submit your site to the search engines, but YOU have to plan it and YOU have to promote it.

The remainder of this section will function like an on-line tutorial that will help you to create your own web site. Make sure you read this entire section before you start. The creation of your web site will follow 7 basic phases: Planning, Creating, Checking, Submitting, Positioning, Promoting, and Maintaining. Even if you decide to hire a web site professional to handle most of these phases, the planning and promotion of your site are thing that you should seriously consider doing yourself. To function properly, your web site should be an integrated part of your overall business strategy.

Excuse us for a quick word of self-serving promotion. BitWare Solutions is available to help you with your web site project. OK, enough of that stuff for this section; let's get back to the FREE advice!

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