Design - Plan - Create - Check - Submit - Position - Promote


The key to any successful project is planning. Even if you eventually hire a web site designer to create your site, you should still make at least an attempt to do some or most of the initial planning yourself. Here are a few key points to consider when planning your web site:

  1. Take your time. A good web site takes days, weeks or even months to plan. Bad sites can be planned in considerably less time!
  2. Content is king. Customers don't turn on their television sets or listen to their radios just to hear the commercials. Your web site should be at least 80% information and 20% sales. Concentrate on how to draw potential customers to your site and keep them there. Make a list of free things you can offer your customers.
  3. Role reversal. The best way to start the design process is to think of your business from your customer's point of view. Create a list of key words and short phrases that people would use to describe your business. This list will become very important in other design steps.
  4. Take a site seeing trip. Use the list you just created to search for yourself using several Internet search engines. Of course you won't find your site, but you will probably find some of your competitors.
  5. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Make another list for the web sites that you find that impress you, and also the ones that turn you off. Pay close attention to the sites that appear on the first page returned by each search engine.
  6. Expand your lists. As you surf the web, keep your lists near by. Look for other keywords for your search list. Look for the businesses that present themselves in a professional manner, and always keep in mind the free information you can offer your customers.
  7. Organize Your Ideas. Your web site should not be just one long run-on page. Arrange your ideas into logical groups for each page.
  8. Take the day off. After a few hours you are probably hopelessly locked into a single focused thought pattern. Get away for a while. Start again tomorrow with a fresh perspective and an open mind. Keep repeating steps 1 through 7 until you are happy with your ideas. This step is one of the primary reasons it takes so long to develop a good web site. If you don't want a good site, just skip this step and move on to the next section.


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