Many Internet access accounts include free web space for a personal home page, and many small business owners mistakenly utilize this "free" space to host their first business web site. Later, as they develop the need for features that are not available from their ISP, or realize that customer access is too slow, or just want to switch to another ISP, they discover the true "cost" of free web space. They are trapped! If they move their site, their web address will change and their e-mail address will change and they will loose contact with the customer base they have established.

Choosing the proper hosting service for your first web site is one of the most important considerations for your small business. It is probably more important than designing your pages. The service must be fast enough to prevent your customers from give up while waiting for your pages to download, and the service must allow for the growth of your Internet business while maintaining a consistent contact with your customers. While pricing is important, reliability and personal service are more important.

Reliability vs. Personal Service

When you call a large hosting service, you generally talk to the next available technician who looks up your account records on a computer database and tries to answer your questions. If you have to call back with a follow-up question, you generally get a different technician who has to look up your records again and learn your situation before he can help you. You often get conflicting answers from different techs. What these larger companies lack in personalized service, they more than gain back in reliability. They have the resources necessary to monitor your site 24 hours a day, provide daily backups and minimize down time by maintaining spare systems that are ready to go on line at the first sign of hardware trouble.

Smaller hosting companies will know you by name. They will remember the individual problems that relate to your company. Unfortunately, smaller companies do not have the resources to provide round the clock monitoring of your web site.

Many of the largest hosting companies prefer to provide service for resellers instead of customers. Their support staff can deal with experienced web site designers instead of end users. This allows them to minimize their customer support staff, maximize their hardware support staff and pass the cost savings on to the reseller. As a hosting reseller, BitWare Solutions can offer the personalized service you would expect from a small company combined with the hardware and monitoring reliability a large hosting service. Our parent company hosts over 20,000 domains. This magnitude of scale results in the following benefits to you:

  • Redundant fiber optic T3 connections to each of the three primary Internet backbones.
  • Full UPS battery backup to isolate power fluctuations.
  • Generator backup for long power outages.
  • 24 hour hardware monitoring.
  • Daily Tape Backups


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